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Welcome to Brigadmuseum

Sweden in the shadow of the Cold War

Join us on a journey through time from 1945-1991 where you can feel, listen, read and see how the Cold War affected Sweden. What happened around the world during the Cold War and how did it affect Sweden?

The journey begins with the end of WWII and long-awaited peace in 1945, in a Germany defeated and in ruins. You will be transported back in time and experience how people lived, how politics affected daily life and how it felt to live during the Cold War.

The Swedish brigades had their ”Golden Age” during this period, with new armoured vehicles and weapon systems. At Brigadmuseum you will discover what a brigade is and how the Swedish Armed Forces has developed over the years.

Opening hours

(Except national holidays)

TUE-FRI: 10 AM - 4 PM
SAT-SUN: 11 AM - 4 PM


Closed during following national holidays

20-24 June 
24-26 December
31 December - 1 January


General admission 80 SEK
Senior citizens/students: 60 SEK
Under 20:  free
FSIV members*: free

*read about FSIV on www.brigadmuseum.se/organisation or ask us at the ticket counter

Café & the museum shop

All our baked goods are made with organic flour, using as many locally produced ingredients as possible. For the hungry visitor, there are many  delicious sandwiches to choose from. Every Thursday, from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM, we serve traditional homemade Swedish pea soup with sourdough pancakes for dessert. We also cater for groups and conferences.

In our museum shop you will find souvenirs and gifts for both children and grandparenths, as well as books on military history and the Cold War. We also sell military clothing and equipment.

For the kids

Military kitchen & treasure hunt

Our military kitchen is a playground for kids of all ages! Here you can cook a meal for an entire platoon in an old-fashioned cooking carriage or try on uniforms from long ago. How do you look in that captain’s hat?

All visiting children get to participate in a treasure hunt. Find all the treasures and win a prize!

Contact us

+46 (0) 54-158060



Kom och skapa teckningar på Brigadmuseum under jullovet! Om du vill får du gärna hänga upp ditt konstverk på vår konstvägg i caféet.